Heidi RD Nutrition currently accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for both Oregon and Minnesota residents.

The information below will guide you through checking your nutrition counseling benefits to ensure that our time together is covered by your insurance plan. 

Call the member services number on the back of your card and ask:

1.       Does my plan cover outpatient nutrition counseling? 

a.       If yes, how many how many sessions are allowed per year?

2.       Do I have a deductible to meet first?              

a.       If yes, how much is my deductible and how much of the deductible have I met?

3.       Do I have a copay for outpatient nutrition counseling?

4.       How does my coverage differ for in-network vs out-of-network services?

Be sure to record the representative’s name and a reference # when checking your benefits. This information will be necessary if you ever need to dispute a rejected claim.